Dóro Succulent: 
What are succulents? 

Succulents are a group of plants that store water in their leaves. The leaves tend to be thick and fleshy. Succulents tend to thrive in dry climates and do not require daily watering. They are well suited for people with a busy schedule who wishes to grow a plant.

What are the life expectancy of succulents? 

A plant’s lifespan will vary depending on the conditions it lives through (ie. the right amount of water, sun, temperature, soil conditions etc.). However, succulents are generally very easy to care for and has a tendency to outlive most plants with the right environment as well as proper care.

How much time and effort is required to care for succulents? 

There's a saying that succulents are perfect for the lazy gardener as they thrive on neglect. Watering once a week is sufficient for the succulents to grow with good amount of indirect sunlight and ventilation. This makes succulent suitable for people with little time to spare but still wishes to grow living plants.

Can I select the type of succulent plants for my order? 

Every one of our succulent arrangement is a unique art piece, where each individual succulent is carefully handpicked and potted by our in-house artist. As we strive to create a surprising factor with our Doro giftbox, we will not be able to accept customization request. Sometimes the best moments are the ones you didn't plan at all, we hope you will trust us to deliver a smile on your face with our creation.


Dóro Bouquet:
What is Dóro Bouquet? 

Dóro Bouquet features our range of luxurious hand wrapped succulent bouquet & gift baskets specially designed by our seasoned floral stylist. Wrapped in strings, it is delivered with a wax sealed envelope carrying your message within.

What are the bouquet dimensions? 

Indicative measurements : 35 (d) x 65 (h) in cm for Original Bouquet, while 45 (d) x 75 (h) in cm for Deluxe Bouquet, dimensions provided may not be exact and may vary depending on each design.

Can I request for customization of the bouquet? 

All our bouquets are designed in-house by our seasoned floral stylist and we tend to limit the selection to only the newest and best designs at the time. If you would like any customisation, you may contact us by email or simply tapping the whatsapp button on the bottom corner of our page and our team will be more than happy to assist.


Dóro Plant:
What is Dóro Plant? 

Dóro Plant features a range of indoor house plants that are specially selected due to their easy care and long lasting qualities for modern homes. We ensure that the plants are healthy and readily potted so recipient can put it on display upon arrival without getting their hands dirty. Wrapped in strings, it is delivered in our signature giftbox with your message card wax sealed within an envelope the old-fashioned way.

What are the plant height and dimensions? 

The plants are generally suitable for table top at around 25-45cm height. Please refer to our product page for specific dimensions as they may vary depending on design.

How to care for the plants?

The selected plants are generally easy to care and suitable for working adults with little time to spare. Most of the plants do not require daily watering and is versatile to various lighting conditions. There will be a care guide card with simple to follow instructions that will be delivered with each gift. If you require further guidance, our support team is always able to assist and can be reached via email or whatsapp.


Shipping and Delivery:
When will my orders be delivered? 

We are delivering every Monday to Saturdays, excluding Public Holidays from 10am-8pm. We offer same day delivery for all potted plant orders received with full payment before 10am, orders placed after 10am will be delivered on next working day basis. For Bouquet orders, next day delivery is currently available. Please contact us should you require same day delivery, we will accommodate to our best effort wherever possible.

What is the delivery fee and coverage area? 

We offer free delivery in Kuala Lumpur and selected areas in Selangor. You may check our delivery coverage HERE. If you are uncertain whether your location is in our delivery coverage, please contact us via facebook messaging or email us at hello@doro.com.my, our customer service representative will be in touch with you.

Will the recipient be contacted prior to delivery? 

Yes, the recipient will be contacted to confirm the delivery timing on your selected day of delivery, all the while maintaining the surprise factor by not disclosing the details on sender's identity to our best endeavor.

What if the recipient is not available on my selected delivery date? 

As we will always call the recipient to confirm on availability prior to actual delivery, we will accommodate the recipients timing of delivery, within regular hours. Should we fail to contact the recipient on the day of delivery, our team will reach you to discuss and confirm the best way forward. Delivering your gift to the hands of the recipient is our highest priority, we will never leave it to the custody of others without prior agreement from either yourself or the recipient.

What if there's damage when I receive the delivery? 

Our products are handpacked carefully in a sturdy box for delivery ensuring it arrives in its best form as how they left us. As the soil & pebbles in the pot are loose, a minimal amount may fall into the box which should be considered normal. However, in rare occasions, and for reasons beyond our control, the goods may get damaged in transit. Should this happen, please contact us at hello@doro.com.my to inform us immediately - within 24 hours of receipt, with the photo of the damaged goods and/or packaging, we will arrange a replacement at the next available delivery date. We reserve the right to collect the damaged goods upon providing a replacement.