Dóro Fuqugi

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Comes in two distinct shapes, our Fuqugi vases are handcrafted from natural Cedar wood in the mountains in Kirishima, Japan. Our vase uses natural oil finishing, to maintain the natural grain and texture of the wood. 

Paired with a minimalist choice of dried flowers, you do not need to worry about any maintenance such as watering and pruning. Moreover, the vase comes with a glass tube insert to contain water if necessary should you wish to experiment with your own choice of live flowers. 

Please enjoy the grains and color shades born from nature along with your favorite flower as an expression of your artistic venture!

What is in the Gift Box? Flower : Our selected bunch of dried flowers, carefully handpicked by our in house artist, with additional packed on the side for your own experimentation.
Vase : Handcrafted natural Cedar wooden vase with dimensions of 9cm (diameter) x 9cm (height) including glass tube insert for water.
Gift Card : Designer gift card with greeting message(optional) enclosed in a wax sealed envelope.
    Delivery Coverage Free delivery for KL and selected areas in Selangor, for full coverage details for whole of Peninsular Malaysia please refer to our delivery page.