Dóro Nanas

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We can't tell you how much these miniature pineapple excites us! It's cute, it's funny and most of all - it's filled with enough positive vibes to knock someone out of a depression!

Dóro Nanas is a functional decor created with an element of nature in mind, its fun and vibrant nature makes it most suitable to lighten up any settings.

Dóro Nanas comes in two contemporary solid wood vase, namely Single and Tall. Our craftsmen take extra care to preserve its natural wood grain and texture, with a light oil finishing. 

Ready to throw some Pineapple Punch to knock someone out? 

What is in the Gift Box? Pineapple : Ananas Nanus aka Mini Pineapples (100% natural) stem length, carefully handpicked by our in house artist, minimum 2 stems for single piece and 5 stems for a set.
Vase : Handcrafted from natural Acacia wood with dimensions of 7.5cm (diameter) x 10cm/16.5cm (height), comes with fitting inner glass tube for water storage.
Gift Card : Designer gift card with greeting message (optional) enclosed in a wax sealed envelope.
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