Calathea Lancifolia

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Calathea Lancifolia is a perfect houseplant for pattern lovers who like to decorate wild. Its bright green, wavy leaves are striped with alternating ovals of dark green and accented by a rich purple underside.  They are suitable for any indoor settings while being a natural air purifier for the environment. 

Our Dóro Plant series comes with our hand sewn pouch - made from all natural Hessian fabric and snow white pom pom which complements the selection of plant emanating positivity and happiness.

It is a unique gift, wrapped in box and ready to surprise the unsuspecting.  

What is in the Gift Box? Healthy Plant : Selected in-house plant suitable for indoor environment, potted in premium potting mix, ready for display. Colors may vary depending on each plant.
Pouch : Hessian pouch lined with water resistant fabric and white pom pom, all hand sewn locally by our artist. Each pouch with the dimension of 15cm in diameter also comes with an additional inner pot and saucer which fits nicely in the pouch.
Gift Card : Designer gift card with greeting message(optional) enclosed in a wax sealed envelope.
Instruction Card : Simple to follow instructions for plant care.
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