Dóro Kirtanraw - Flower Series

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Kirtanraw Subramaniam is a gifted artist from Malaysia with autism. He aspires to be a famous artist by 2030 and has done more than 100 paintings over the years.  Kirtanraw's positive outlook on life is often expressed through his vibrant & colorful paintings.

Together, we introduce Dóro Kirtanraw; a series of solid wood vase featuring hand-painted natural motifs, adorned with the Blue Eryngo flower, chosen for its long lasting quality. As with all arts, each design is limited to one piece only.

All profits will be given to Kirtanraw in support of his passion and talent. Indeed, autism is not a disability, it's a different ability. 

What is in the Gift Box?Vase : Handcrafted natural wooden vase with dimensions of 7.5cm (diameter) x 16.5cm (height), comes with a glass tube insert for water.
Flower : Our selected Blue Eryngo flower, carefully handpicked by our in house artist for its long lasting quality.
Gift Card : Designer gift card with greeting message(optional) enclosed in a wax sealed envelope.
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